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Hair Wax & Hair Paste

Hair Styling Paste, or Hair Wax?

When it comes to styling products, options have never been better…but what to choose for your particular locks can seem overwhelming. Hair waxes and hair pastes are popular choices for short hair, and those seeking to achieve that designer bedhead look. Both products mold hair and do not dry hard, unlike gels or pomades. They can also add volume and excellent texture, and in general achieve a matte finish. A little goes a long way when it comes to both hair styling wax and hair paste, and often trying them out is the best way to gauge how your hair will style and hold with any given product.

Order Top-Brand Hair Wax & Paste from Curious Hair

Whether you are looking for the lightweight, airy texture of hair wax, or a creamier hair styling paste, our salon has top brands like Kevin Murphy and R+Co so you can get any look you’re after. Wax is great for giving extra volume for those with fine hair, and is well suited to building up various layers of texture. Get that fresh-from-the-salon, or effortless straight-out-of-bed look with a new product today.

The Best Hair Paste for Men

Hair paste for men continues to be an increasing trend, due to the effortless, natural effect achieved with a matte hair paste. The best hair pastes provide a loose hold that remains malleable throughout the day, and are particularly suitable for curly and wavy hair. An excellent option for short to mid-length hair, paste for men is a great place to start if new to the world of hair care styling products. Check out the top-of-the-line hair wax and hair paste we have for sale, and get Curious!


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