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Moroccan Oil (also stylized Moroccanoil) is an innovative line of argan oil products that nourishes hair and helps control frizz, dryness, split ends and damage from the sun. Moroccan Oil hair products are available as pure oils or in shampoos, creams, conditioners and more. Using pioneering formulations, the series of Moroccanoil shampoos and conditioners streamline your routine by delivering the benefits of argan oil directly in your shampoo. Explore the full line of Moroccan Oil products at Curious Salon and shop online in Canada today.

Why Use Moroccan Hair Oil

Moroccan Oil was introduced in 2008, it was inspired by the natural benefits of argan oil. You can use Moroccan hair oil to provide nutrients and vitamins directly into your hair. Moroccan Oil’s ability to nourish and supply essential vitamins contributes to many of its notable benefits: natural hydration for softer hair, frizz control, faster drying times when using a hair blower, UV protection and fewer split ends. Whether you want to maintain the health of your hair or repair it from damage, Moroccan Oil is a simple and convenient treatment. You can choose between Moroccan shampoo and conditioner, oil treatments or creams, meaning you can get the benefits of argan oil in whatever method you prefer. All hair types and styles will benefit from Moroccan Oil.

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Get your Moroccanoil shampoo, cream, conditioner or original treatment in Canada from Curious Salon. Just like your local salon, we have the leading hair care products from all the top brands, including the Moroccanoil line. Order from Curious to get your favourite Moroccanoil hair products while saving a trip to the salon. When you spend over $50, we will ship your order for free to anywhere across Canada. Start shopping today for Moroccan Oil.


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