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“At Curious Salons, our focus is on you, our client”

Enjoy a truly relaxing, conditioning treatment for your scalp and hair. A quick and easy add-on to most hair services, regular hair treatments cleanse, condition, encourage hair growth and rebalance scalp health.

Curious salon hair treatments will address strength and moisture deficiencies of the hair, leaving your locks with more elasticity, strength, hydration, and bond-building repair for dry, colour-treated hair.

Treatments leave hair feeling soft, full and hydrated. We recommend adding them on at every haircut or seasonally at the least.


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Curious Salon Hair Treatments

Like many things, hair looks better the healthier it is. Shiny, strong, hydrated hair does not always just happen; most of the time we need to make a concerted effort. At Curious Hair Salons we are advocates for hair health, knowing it is the most effective starting point for achieving a successful end result. By adding a scalp treatment at our salon, to any hair cutting, styling, or colouring service, you are taking steps towards attaining long-lasting healthy hair. We recommend this salon treatment for dry hair every time you come in; however, other hair types may only require a seasonal salon hair treatment. Talk to one of our educated and experienced team members for advice about how often you could benefit from a deep conditioning treatment at our salon.

Get the Best Salon Treatment for Damaged Hair

A scalp treatment at our salon is the quickest way to get an enriching, deep condition for your hair, but it is also highly beneficial for balancing your scalp. Itchy, irritated, dry, or red scalps find relief with a hair treatment, and we have many clients that appreciate both the appearance and feeling of a deep conditioning treatment. Talk to your stylist about adding a salon hair treatment to your next service, and feel the difference it makes to your hair.


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