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Curious About Unite Hair Products?

One of our favourite brands here at Curious Salons, Unite hair products offer a full line of hair-care products that address the various hair needs of our clients effectively. From Unite Elevate Mousse, to the Unite Hair Masque, and many options and types of Unite shampoos and conditioners, we are confident that whatever hair issue you wish to address, there is a Unite hair product for you. Peruse our selection of various products or talk to your hair care professional about Unite. Hair salons in the Curious family only use and sell products that meet our rigorous standards, and those which we would use ourselves, so come in to your local Curious salon location to find Unite hair products near you.

Unite Shampoo and Conditioner

When it comes to options, there are plenty from which to choose, with a Unite shampoo and conditioner to address all manner of hair concerns. If you are looking to enhance straight hair, try the Razer Straight line. Looking for curls? Try the Boing Curl line. If volume is what you are after, give the Boosta line a try and see some seriously voluminous results. The most famous Unite hair product is their 7-Seconds leave-in detangler, which we offer in various sizes for your convenience.

Purchase Unite Conditioner & Unite Mousse Online

It has never been easier to order some exciting products from your favourite line, including Unite hair shampoo, Unite conditioner, and award-winning Unite Elevate Mousse. Purchasing online from Curious Hair is straight-forward and user-friendly, and best of all, ships free across Canada with all orders over $50. If you are unsure which Unite products might be best for your and your hair, feel free to contact us any time, or speak with your hair dresser the next time you’re in for a service.


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