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From head to toe, Curious is the go-to place to keep your hair and skin healthy. Find the best foot cream to manage dry or rough skin on your feet, and stock up on your favourite foot powder or feet moisturizer. We have the largest selection of hair products, body care products and skin care products in Western Canada and are proud to have top foot care brands like Gehwol. See above for the current collection of foot cream, foot balms and more.


Best Foot Cream and Feet Moisturizer

One of the most respected brands in foot cream and food powder is Gehwol. The German company is the global leader in foot care products, and they are considered specialists in foot cream for cracked heels and other common leg and foot skin challenges. Cracked foot cream helps to alleviate sensitive regions of dry or rough skin by removing dead skin cells and delivering nutrients directly. The best foot creams for cracked heels also include a natural scrub (such as sugar crystals) that assist with exfoliation. No matter the state of your feet, we have the best foot creams, powders and salves.


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Find the top skin care products for your feet at Curious. When you order your foot cream, powder or moisturizer from Curious, you will receive free regular shipping across Canada. In addition to foot cream and balms, we also have skin cleansers and skin moisturizers to maintain the health of your skin above your ankles. Start your order by exploring the top foot balms and foot creams from Curious.


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