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Just like its name suggests, Bathorium is focused on premium bath products for rejuvenation and restoration. The Canadian company uses high-quality ingredients that are selected based on how they are produced and manufactured. This dedication to ethical sourcing and cruelty-free manufacturing make Bathorium one of the fastest-growing brands focused on bath time cleaning and relaxation. Shop online with Curious to find your favourite Bathorium products or try something new to make your next bath a noteworthy experience.


Why Bathorium for Bath Products

Bathorium is a leading brand in luxury bath products. Their collection of bath bombs, oils and soaks are made with top-quality ingredients that leave your skin feeling hydrated and clean – and not dry or crusted with residue Bathorium uses fragrances and essential oils to relax muscles and calm the entire body, and they are free of phthalates, parabens and harsh chemicals. By dedicating their entire line to your experience in the tub, Bathorium’s oils, bombs and butters are recognized around the world. If you haven’t tried Bathorium products, explore their range of scents and order your favourite bath time products.


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Curious is the go-to source for bath products that leave you (and your tub) feeling fresh and clean. Bathorium products are designed to enhance your entire bath experience, no matter if you spend minutes or hours in the tub. And with their focus on ethical sourcing and cruelty-free ingredients, you can be sure your bath time is as healthy for others as it is for you. The collection of Bathorium products from Curious are available for free shipping across Canada. All orders over $50 will be shipped for free from our salon to your home. Start shopping today for Bathorium products. 


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