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ColorWow Hair Products at Curious Salons

Curious Salons put great thought and care into their product offerings, and availability of various brands or products may vary from time to time as we hone our collection. We can say that we are very excited about ColorWow hair products as they are known for being high quality fan favourites. We are especially into their Root Touch-Up, which we have trouble keeping on the shelves it is so popular! Give ColorWow products a try, and see the incredible results right away – we know you will be pleased and impressed!

The History of ColorWow

For over 4 decades, the founder of the world famous ColorWow Dreamcoat has been solving beauty and hair care problems of all kinds. Throughout her time in the hair products game, Gail Federici, CEO and founder of ColorWow has been making game-changing advances in the science, art, and business of hair care and hairdressing. ColorWow hair products are a great example of being the first of their kind in the industry, and remain an unprecedented line for colour-treated hair to this day. Using inventive and innovative technologies and approaches, ColorWow has created a line of hair care products that make hair life simpler, quicker, and just plain better.

ColorWow for Your Color-Treated Hair

The goal of the Federici brand has always been to find a solution for hair issues that have as yet been unseen or unmade. As colour-treated hair is so pervasive across the globe, this company has put its sights on solving all problems related to colour-treated hair care, hence the creation of the ColorWow Dreamcoat, a product that has won numerous awards. Ready for a new type of hair care? When you use products by ColorWow, you will be saying ‘Color-Me-Wow’!


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