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Pamper Yourself with Silkline™ Professional Tools

The SilkLine™ Wet/Dry Foot File with Wood Handle is a top-of-the-line beauty tool available at Curious Hair Salons, designed to provide an exceptional foot care experience. This wet/dry foot file is a versatile solution for both professional salons and at-home users. Crafted with a thick wood handle, the two-sided file offers a comprehensive approach to foot care. The coarse side is perfect for tackling tough calluses, turning them to dust with ease, while the smooth side offers a gentler touch for achieving an even satin finish. This dual functionality makes it a valuable tool for a variety of foot care needs.

Invest in Foot Health with Silkline

The heavy-duty construction of this Silkline Professional file ensures aggressive filing, effectively removing calluses and smoothing heels. One of the standout features of the SilkLine™ Professional foot file is its extra-durability, capable of lasting up to three times as long as a regular file with regular use. This durability is coupled with the file's sanitizable design, allowing users to employ any chemical sterilizer for a hygienic experience. The wet/dry capabilities enhance its versatility—use the file dry with the coarse side for intensive care, or wet with the smooth side for a more soothing, finishing touch.

Purchase Your Silkline Tools at Curious Hair

Ideal for both professional salons and home use, this foot file enables users to maintain soft, beautiful feet between pedicures. Its robust design and thoughtful construction reflect both Curious Hair Salon’s, and SilkLine's Professional commitment to providing high-quality beauty tools that cater to the diverse needs of their clientele. Order online to get your SilkLine foot file from Curious Salons today, and start treating those tootsies with care!


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